Show Up Long Enough to Get Noticed

This New Year, Show Up Long Enough to Get Noticed!

How many TV Series did you start watching in season 3 or later? I know I started seeing Game of Thrones at the 4th season. I even discovered The Tim Ferris Podcast just about a year ago.

This is absolutely normal for most of us. There\’s too much content being released daily that we can\’t possibly discover every single one. So instead, we just wait to get in on the buzz of what\’s happening at the moment.

If it takes great content to build an audience, then it takes showing up long enough to get noticed.

I often hear that the legendary thought leadership expert John Obidi though very generous with his time, would only agree to come on your show or Podcast if only you\’ve made at least a 50 episodes first.

So keep creating, keep writing, speaking, keep doing whatever you do until you get noticed, and you sure will.

I hope this helps have a great start to the year. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!