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We are a brand and growth marketing agency based in Lagos, Ghana and London. Our simple goal is to help your business acquire more CUSTOMERS, in less TIME, for the RIGHT budget

GrowthMax was started by a team of growth engineers, marketing experts, storytellers and brand strategists with combined experience of up to two decades. We bring together varying depths of competencies across the communications landscape to build you a brand your audience can’t resist.

Data-driven Process: We work with you with a simple and efficient 5 step process to grow your startup from 0 to 55k users in 6 months on a decent budget using our 3Cs startups growth model — Customers, Channels and Campaigns. 

Brand Storytelling: We adopt a unique approach to shaping your company’s identity through the use of stories and narratives that facilitate deeply-rooted emotional responses and establish lasting relationships with your audience

Clarity over clutter: Our unique capability to communicate a brand’s value proposition simply and clearly is critical to helping tech startups win in the very cluttered and highly competitive markets they compete in. We found this is the best way to build brands that resonate with an audience and customers no matter who they are. 

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Oladapo Shiyanbola

Partner, Brand & Growth 

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