I Was Wrong, People don’t have short attention span

Like most people in the Marketing & Comms space, I used to strongly hold on to the idea that people have short attention spans. But I recently realized I was wrong. Most marketing experts are wrong too.

I realized that people, I mean your customers, don\’t have short attention span at all. They still binge watch their favorite shows on Netflix, they watch a football game for 90 minutes, they\’re on Instagram 8hrs a day.

Rather than saying your customers have short attention spans, I found it\’s better to say they have short CONSIDERATION span. This means that though your customers are more distracted than ever before, they still pay attention to things they really care about.

And if you\’ll get them to pay attention to your marketing and advertising, you\’d need to pass what what I call the CONSIDERATION TEST within the first few seconds:

– Will they care about what you\’re saying?
– Will they connect with your message?
– Are you using the right platform?

That\’s how you cut through the noise. That\’s how you win!